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Hi there :) I have a beautiful little girl, Kylie. This blog is pretty much all about her. She's my world. On a side note, if you don't like the LGBTQ community, I suggest you don't follow me because I am a part of it.
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Evan’s ex is the reason Evan cut off contact with me (keep in mind I was eight months pregnant when she sent that message), but now she has apologized for it.  I couldn’t even respond to her because I didn’t know what to say and I don’t really want to forgive her so last night Alex wrote out a response for me which actually sounded really good so I sent it.  I’m glad she has grown a lot and has been able to recognize that she shouldn’t have said what she said or done what she did.  

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She really adores her Grandpa Jamie :)

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Part of Kylie’s dad’s side of the family :)

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Kylie, Grandpa Jamie, Aunt Leela, Aunt Rachel, and her dad :)

Kylie, Grandpa Jamie, Aunt Leela, Aunt Rachel, and her dad :)

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Evan’s bio dad and two half sisters were supposed to be here five hours ago.  I have work in an hour and I’m barely going to get to see them at all.  What is the point of doing this again??


Haaaa nevermind I’m not even going to meet them tonight, but Kylie will with my parents.  I officially have zero control over anything that goes on tonight and I don’t get to witness her meeting her grandfather and two aunts for the first time ever.  I feel like complete crap, but I can’t bail on work because it’s an important meeting.  Fuck.  This.

They ended up not coming last night because they got so lost and were exhausted, but we surprisingly had an awesome (and sorta awkward) day!  Kylie adores all of them (her Grandpa Jamie, Aunt Rachel, Aunt Leela, and her dad).  They wanted to play with her and I think she really favored her Grandpa Jamie.  Jamie and Rachel had to go back to Connecticut this afternoon, but Leela and Evan are staying until Thursday so hopefully the rest of this week will go well.  I work tomorrow and Wednesday so they are sort of on their own until dinner time.  I’m really glad things turned out better than how I was feeling last night!

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Evan’s bio dad and two half sisters were supposed to be here five hours ago.  I have work in an hour and I’m barely going to get to see them at all.  What is the point of doing this again??


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high-end-low-life replied to your post: My lawyer said legally speaking in the…

Can you file for sole custody and sole physical custody? He shouldn’t be able to take her then.

When Kylie was first born I wanted to file for sole custody, but my lawyer said it was a waste of time since Evan has never (legal speaking) proven he’s an unfit father.  However now that I’ve been raising Kylie myself for the past 3 years it’s possible I might be able to go after it now, but we will see how this visit goes. :)

rebelgirlgrowsup replied to your post: My lawyer said legally speaking in the…

If he’s not on her birth certificate, how can he even prove he’s her father? The school isn’t just going to give her over to any dude who claims to he her dad

Yeah we haven’t done a paternity test or anything either, which is why I was confused about why he is able to take her.  I guess it doesn’t matter until something happens??  Either way, it’s really dumb.

shortcrazygirl replied to your post: My lawyer said legally speaking in the…

Maybe you can call around to see if other daycares in your area have the same policy.

I’ve considered doing that, but also if I find a school that doesn’t have the same policy it’s possible their policy doesn’t matter when the law states otherwise.  *sigh*

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taylorr—sheaa replied to your post: taylorr—sheaa said:at our daycar…

In indiana. And yes, even if its a bio parent. We have a mom that cannot pick up her kids no matter what!

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Same here.

In Alabama, you cannot take a child out of the daycare if you aren’t on their list. If the parent doesn’t put down another parent and then doesn’t list them as someone who could pick them up, they won’t release the child. Unless a note has been sent prior to pick up that they can.

We also have the ‘Do not release to’ section.

I have had to send someone out and not release the child.

I also once couldn’t release a child to their SISTER because she wasn’t on the list. I am friends with that family. I had to call their mom to get verbal permission to release him to the sister who was walking him literally ten steps to the hospital next door to meet their mom. (It was a hospital owned, employee kids daycare.)

fifteenyearsaway replied to your post: taylorr—sheaa said:at our daycar…

I know in Ohio if you have custody of your kid only the people on the approved list can pick up the child from school but that’s like a school district policy. You fill out a form every year with approved people and only they can pick up the child.

I trust what my lawyer said is true so I’m assuming that Maryland just sucks haha!  At this point though it does not seem he is going to be trying to take her but it’s best to be as cautious as possible!

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fifteenyearsaway replied to your post: My lawyer said legally speaking in the…

what makes you think he would try to take her?

He’s randomly coming to visit after 3.5 years of not trying to do so.  We don’t talk so I don’t know him well at all.  Best to expect him to try something really stupid and be prepared for it haha.

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taylorr--sheaa asked: at our daycare if u arent on the pickup list, u cant take the kid. I work there and in our enrollment form there is a spot for ppl that cant pick that kid up no matter what. We had a social worker try and take a kid once and we couldnt even let her.


Even if it’s the biological father?  Where do you live?  A social worker cannot take a kid without a court order I believe.

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My lawyer said legally speaking in the state of Maryland, Evan can take Kylie from her preschool without my permission because he is her biological father, regardless of the fact that he is NOT on the birth certificate or the pick up list.  He told me to write up a formal letter to the school stating that I am to be notified if he tries to take her or notify my parents/brother if I do not answer my cell or work phones.

So basically I can’t get a court order to prevent him from doing this because he hasn’t done anything to prove he is an unfit father (legally speaking, not on my terms considering he’s never even fucking MET HER).

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Kylie likes to be the one to open doors and hold them open for other people so yesterday when we went to Starbucks she pulled open the door and says, “I am so strong, Mommy!”

Yes you are kiddo.  And I’m so proud of you.  I will do my best to always help you believe in yourself. <3

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