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Hi there :) I have a beautiful little girl, Kylie. This blog is pretty much all about her. She's my world. On a side note, if you don't like the LGBTQ community, I suggest you don't follow me because I am a part of it.
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I was probably three in this picture #tbt

I was probably three in this picture #tbt

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My favorite girl ❤️

My favorite girl ❤️

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Kylie:I farted in my mouth!
Me:You mean you burped?
Kylie:That's what I said, Mommy!
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So much fun at the beach!

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How a 3 year old watches TV 

How a 3 year old watches TV 

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"Spoiler alert: I don’t believe kids today are spoiled. In fact, I suspect the whole idea is a backlash against our culture’s increased awareness of children’s needs. What’s more, I take sharp exception to the assumptions that dominate the public discussion about WHY kids today might be less helpful, less obedient, or more entitled. In short, I don’t think parents are the problem. Sure, we can all do better—and as we learn more, we do. But I don’t think the answer is to punish more, or neglect kids more, or “put kids in their place” as the comments sections always seem to suggest."
Dr. Laura Markham

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Kylie was so excited to hold a little baby!

Kylie was so excited to hold a little baby!

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Being a single mom can be really hard sometimes.  I love that I get to make all the parenting decisions, but I don’t like that I don’t have a partner to help out when I’m not around.  Instead I have to burden my family with babysitting and finances.  I’ve been offered the job at Lush, but only if I can work two weekend days out of the month.  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but it really is for my family.  Also, it means Kylie will be going to church on a regular basis which is NOT something I want for her.  I want her to learn about religion when she’s older and able to think critically.  I hope a couple hours of church every other Sunday won’t cause problems for me, especially with my family because if Kylie starts asking questions I want them to explain that not everyone believes in God and that that’s okay.  I hope this set up is short lived and I can figure out an alternative to her going to church so frequently.  Ugh.  At least I have a job now, right? =/

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Someone got ahold of a marker

Someone got ahold of a marker

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Anonymous asked: Hi. Forgive me if this too personal to ask, but I was wondering if there is any specific reason why you are having a C-section? I'm a FTM and think it sounds scary and have noticed that almost everyone seems to get them, even when the baby is healthy. I've also read that doctors get more money for C-sections and tend to 'force' their patients into them. I've only just started researching labor & birth so I'm just really curious.




Oh, babe.

I’m having a Cesarean because I’ve had one before, for a mild medical emergency. I had pre-eclampsia and my son, Mylo, was in the transverse position. Unlike the breech position (which is risky to vaginally birth as well, but less so than transverse), the baby is lying sideways with their back down instead of their bottom. Birthing is almost impossible because the baby can’t fold enough to fit through the birth canal. Without our Cesarean, I have no doubt we could/would have both died in labor/birth. However, because of all the scaremongering done by so many in the natural birthing community (read: not all, some), I felt for many months after my birth that my Cesarean was unnecessary and unjust and used for profit!!!!!!!! In all honesty, my doctor should have scheduled it sooner and, yes, been a little more present verbally during the procedure, but it was definitely something that needed to be done. My baby was born healthy BECAUSE of the surgery. My birth trauma doesn’t stem from my section like I first thought, like I was first told. 

The reason I’ve scheduled a repeat Cesarean is because I’m 41 weeks with no dilation and have no wish to go to 42 weeks. My section is scheduled for when I’ll be 41 weeks and 3 days. Our doctor told us today that I’m now part of a 5% group of women with absolutely no signs of labor this far into the pregnancy, and the medical field doesn’t really have a reason on WHY some of us don’t go into spontaneous labor. It could be because EDD are estimated and we’re not as pregnant as we think, but because of the risks of going past 42 weeks, most practices will induce at this time. He’s hoping I’ll go into labor, but he’s also a realist. hahaha

Now, I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me why I don’t just go and get induced and when you think about it, it’s a no brainer. I have a uterine scar. My uterus is only so strong. Augmentation brings on powerful labor, and because of the increased risks of a uterine rupture, they don’t induce VBAC mothers. This is also a reason they don’t allow us to go past 42 weeks. Bigger baby = bigger chance that your uterus will rip. (This happened to our doctor last year. The VBAC mom had a uterine rupture, and the baby was born partially in her intestines. Both mother and baby were fine, but SHIT.) 

Yes, Cesareans can be scary. However, so can vaginal birth. Both are painful and both pose risks. I, however, am not scared to birth with another section. I have an amazing set of capable, competent doctors who pushed and pushed for our vaginal birth. Besides my husband, no one has been so supportive of the decision to birth naturally. THAT’S what matters and THAT’S what you look for in a doctor or midwife. If you have a doctor who doesn’t listen to your thoughts or respects you, FIND A DIFFERENT DOCTOR. DO NOT SETTLE. BE PICKY. ASK QUESTIONS. LEAVE A PRACTICE IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE. SOME DOCTORS DO SUCK, BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BIRTH WITH THEM. 

I encourage you to research birth, but please also understand that what you find on forums is not the equivalent to medical advice. Honestly, a large majority of the population are idiots and they all seem to have internet connection. Look into birth and labor and positioning and meditation and, I don’t know, delayed cord clamping, but please don’t get caught up in this “AL DOCTROS R EVILL!!!!!!!!!!!” bullshit like I did. They have a degree for a reason. Some are just dicks. Research the complications of inductions, but should you have a Cesarean, don’t you dare let anyone tell you that it wasn’t a “real birth” or empowering or wonderful or a great experience. Things go wrong, so stay flexible. Birth without fear, my friend. 

It is possible to have a great Cesarean just like it is possible to have birth trauma from a home birth. You just don’t hear about those sides often because it doesn’t fit peoples’ agendas. 

This is perfect. Bethie knows what’s up.

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I can’t wait to fall in love and get married and live in my own place with someone else and Kylie to have another mommy to love and adore her.  And be pregnant again with my wife kissing my belly all the time and telling me how much she loves us and our little family.  I really can’t wait.

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